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We view dental technology as a combination of science and art.  Purists in our approach, we believe that to be on the cutting edge of our field, the emphasis should always be on the skill behind the materials.  New materials always come and go, but it is the highly skilled dental technologist that creates the ultimate dental restoration.  Like a piece of fine silk in the hands of an expert tailor yields a beautiful product, so it is in dental technology.  Our experience goes back over twenty-five years with much formal training and independent study in techniques and dental art forms.

Not just the average dental laboratory, we work with some of the most discriminating dentists of this country in creating anything from the simplest forms of dental restorations to the most complex multiple unit cases, all for patients that see the value of our work and want the best.

It is commonly said in restorative dentistry that form follows function.  We are driven to create the best of both.

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